Wall to Wall – Photographic series


Introducing “Wall to Wall”,  a new photographic series exploring the varied textures, colours and patterns of our European carpet range and produced in collaboration with Art Director Marsha Golemac.

Using the inherent materiality and tactility of carpet as a starting point, the series comprises seven textural compositions that double as three-dimensional artworks. Referencing the collage technique, each image was produced by layering carpet sections that were precisely cut to size then methodically placed to create an artistic representation.

Carefully curated to showcase the various qualities in our unique range, the series highlights chunky loop piles against velvety plush piles in both neutral and colourful yarns.

From top to bottom: Winterthur in 9681 Obsidian | Hinterland in 83 Ivory | Ritz in 52 Marigold | Vollo in 52 Marigold
From the top: Marso in 0030 Spring | Soie Moire in 94045 Nacre | Vollo in 32 Highland
From the top: Maven in 629 Antique |Kore in 184 Frost (custom) | Marso in 15 Parchment | Timeless in 21 Tyrian