Our offering of European-made carpet comprises a broad range of textures, patterns and manufacturing styles, all available in an extensive range of colours. Made using premium wool for durability and easy-care, our carpets are tested and certified according to the latest industry standards and requirements. We supply to a wide scope of residential and commercial projects across Australia, and can also manage all aspects of onsite installation to ensure the finest finish.

Splendor is part of our tufted collection made in Switzerland and is available in 20 colours.


100% high performance Polymide 6.6


Tufted, Plush Pile

Total carpet thickness

± 9.5 mm

Secondary backing

Textile Double Backing

Wearing class

Domestic Heavy, Light Commercial


21 colours available
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Production width: 420cm

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Available Colours

Spl 11 Sterling

Spl 21 Aquamarine

Spl 24 Royal

Spl 25 Windsor

Spl 29 Fjord

Spl 16 Licorice

Spl 31 Aspen

Spl 37 Viridian

Spl 39 Willow

Spl 42 Sesame

Spl 48 Walnut

Spl 51 Canary

Spl 56 Sandwisp

Spl 61 Rio

Spl 62 Tangelo

Spl 63 Candy

Spl 68 Grape

Spl 83 Ivory

Spl 84 Haven

Spl 85 Alto

Spl 86 Grove