Tie Dye by Reuber Henning


With a history spanning 15 years, Berlin-based rug maker Reuber Henning has established itself as a design practice deeply embedded in conceptual approaches. Led by designers Franziska Reuber and Brigit Krah, who seamlessly integrate their artistic backgrounds, the practice places a strong emphasis on crafting pieces that encapsulate both craftsmanship and compelling narratives. Welcoming new additions to their Traditional collection, we’re proud to present Tie Dye, a new rug series that skillfully intertwines echoes of the past with a vibrant contemporary edge.

Inspired by fragments of historical rugs and carpets found in museums all over the world, Reuber Henning’s Tie Dye collection embarks on a conceptual journey into the rich tapestry of rug history. Given the freedom to enter the archive of multiple museum collections, both designers were able to immerse themselves in the world of ancient rugs.

The relentless passage of time has left these centuries-old rugs hanging by silk threads, bearing the scars of their journey through history. Through the use of modest fabrics as backing materials, the hole-ridden yet inherently valuable fragments were afforded renewed support and stability, a new life in time.

A Textile Fragment from the 14th century
A Textile Fragment dated from the 5th–6th century

Exploring the fragments of these ancient rugs provided a roadmap for the Tie-Dye collection. Each fragmented piece exhibits its own distinct shape and contours, enabling Reuber Henning to derive the patterns for their new collection from these outlines.

“Embracing the idiosyncrasy of these shapes, the aura, the age and bringing their uniqueness to the fore is what constitutes the distinguishing feature of the design of the Tie Dye collection. You can’t invent shapes like these; they would look kitschy and contrived. The original rug fragments have emerged organically and allow themselves to be translated just as readily into contemporary designs.”

– Franziska Rueber.

Hand Knotting the Tie Dye Green Grey
Tie Dyed Yarn

By replacing the original fragmented shapes with pure silk Tie Dye yarn, new patterns and colours were able to emerge. “Chance is often a welcome partner in our designs”, says Birgit, whereby the unpredictability of the tie dyed yarn was able to create new patterns unimaginable before.

These ‘disruptive’ yarns became a delicate repeating zigzag ‘pattern’ throughout the rug, mapping the original shape of the rug fragments that originally inspired each design. Certain patterns are dense and intricate, while others comprise larger areas of single colours that vary in shape. The sole element that aligns with the original fragments is the colours with which the yarns were dyed.

Paying homage to the craftsmanship of traditional rug-making techniques, Reuber Henning showcases the inherent beauty found in the aging process of objects. Allowing the past to inform the present, this collection is in dialogue with a century-old tradition. Hand-knotted by artisans in Nepal in an exceptionally fine 150 knots/sq.inch quality, the Tie Dye rug series represents a new and exciting addition to Reuber Henning’s Traditional collection.