Designed by Valentina Hoyos, the Trenza collection is a range of knitted sisal rugs and cushions handmade in Central Colombia by native communities. Environmentally sustainable, this collection is crafted using raw materials growing in abundance in Colombia as well as vegetable dyes made with ingredients such as beetroot, onion or wood shavings. Cultivating and processing sisal fibre has been a long-lasting Colombian tradition, one that deserves to be celebrated.


Hand-knitted Colombian sisal.


34 colours available
Featured colour: Mostaza mix ( T015 + T016)

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Standard and custom sizes available.

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About the designer

Valentina Hoyos

Valentina Hoyos established her company in 1998, aspiring to produce handmade organic textiles with an environmental and social consciousness. For over 30 years, Valentina has worked alongside Colombian native communities, farmers and associations, with the desire to share and create together.

Her collections are the fruit of lengthy research. Local natural materials like sisal, cotton, wool, bamboo and native seeds are cultivated and prepared for production without the use of any chemicals.
“I wish bamboo could be seen as a replacement for illegal logging. I was born and raised in an area where sisal farming and bamboo plantations were embedded within our lifestyle. They both mean a lot to me.”

Valentina Hoyos’ vision also embraces those who skilfully craft her collections; giving nearly 250 Colombian women from different places and cultures, the opportunity to live a dignified life in their craft, with fair wages and access to education.

Available Colours

T001 Negro

T002 gris raton

T003 gris plomo

T004 gris plata

T005 gris

T006 azul turquesa

T007 azul petroleo

T008 azul mexico

T009 azul oscuro

T010 verde oscuro

T011 verde aceituna

T012 verde liquen

T013 verde tropical

T014 verde claro

T015 mostaza oscuro

T016 mostaza claro

T017 natural

T018 tostado

T019 tostado oscuro

T020 cafe

T021 ocre oscuro

T022 ocre medio

T023 ocre claro

T024 amarillo cebolla

T025 amarillo

T026 naranja

T027 terracota

T028 rojo

T029 rojo oscuro

T030 vino tinto

T031 siena

T032 siena claro

T033 coral oscuro

T034 coral claro