Curated Color is a series of exceptionally fine flatweave rugs revolving around one simple concept: wonderfully puristic colour. Comprised of three different collections, Curated Color is less about covering a wide range of colours than about presenting an unusual palette – one that inspires and surprises.

With Salt & Pepper, Reuber Henning created 29 unique shades by combining and blending coloured yarns that are often at opposite ends of the spectrum. From afar, each rug appears to be one particular colour, however, upon close inspection, the colour mixes reveal themselves. Not only eye-catching with their rich colour palette; these flatweaves by Reuber Henning are also sustainably made to order using 100% pure New Zealand wool. The fair production of these pieces is certified by the Swiss label ‘Step’.


Pure New Zealand wool


29 colours available
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About the designers

Reuber Henning

Founded in Germany in 2007, Reuber Henning exemplifies hand-made design, in both form and philosophy. They know that a beautiful rug forms the heart of a room, and creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere essential to every home. Committed to understated artisanship – their rugs are made in Nepal by ancient techniques – Reuber Henning balances this approach with designs that are classic contemporary, capturing the spirit of the times. In fair working conditions local craftspeople use high-quality Chinese silk and Tibetan highland wool, working completely by hand at every stage of the process to ensure the longevity of their products.

Available Colours

SP Opium

SP Black Pepper

SP Earl Grey

SP Agarwood

SP Tamarind

SP Erika

SP Figue

SP Patchouli

SP Lily

SP Grass

SP Lily of The Valley

SP Tangerine

SP Sesame

SP Lemon

SP Melon

SP Grapefruit

SP Peach

SP Brown Sugar

SP Blood Orange

SP Juniper

SP Bergamot

SP Fleur de Sel

SP Cypress

SP Blueberry

SP Iris

SP Oak Moss

SP Hibiscus

SP Sandalwood

SP Cotton