The Alasht collection by Edelgrund is hand-woven by the local women of Alasht, a remote village on the north side of Iran located in the mountainous Mazandaran province. Each rug is entirely crafted with hand-spun pure new wool, using an ancient weaving technique typical of the region.

The highly detailed designs are reminiscent of abstract modernist paintings, constructed as a series of vertical panels. Individually woven by hand on narrow wooden looms, the panels are meticulously sewn together to create infinitely varied patterns. These dense flat-weave kilims are of the highest quality, ensuring their durability and longevity. Edelgrund’s signature hand-embroidered borders give the Alasht collection a refined elegance.


100% Hand-spun pure new wool, naturally dyed with vegetable dyes.


Black | Red


257 x 367 cm



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About the brand


Founded in 2013 by a collective of Iranian rug makers and designers, Edelgrund merges traditional Persian craftsmanship with an expressive and modern interpretation. With over three generations in rug making, Edelgrund’s unique creations are strongly anchored in Persian culture.

Their colourful designs creatively combine colours, patterns and linear elements into complex compositions that blend perfectly to create unique, timeless floor coverings. Monochrome areas alternate with expressive contrasts and delicate colour gradients which are inspired by nature. “Our rugs are an expression of the authenticity of the region where they are made and a passion for the craft.” says Maryam Ebrahimi, Managing Director of Edelgrund.

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