Designed and developed in Belgium by JOV, Vince features an abstract diamond-style design formed by alternating pile heights, which not only adds contrast but also gives the rug a timeless character. Hand-tufted with a combination of pure New Zealand wool, natural silk and mohair for a beautiful lustre while ensuring durability. This rug is available in a variety of colours including custom blends, a secondary tone can be introduced if preferred. 


Hand-tufted in pure New Zealand wool, mohair and natural silk. Vince can be customised in other qualities on request.


Available in a wide range of colours.


Custom made to any size


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About the brand


Designed and developed in Belgium, JOV rugs are handmade in Europe using the highest quality, natural materials. Their designers and makers are committed to combining knowledge with heritage and quality with sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from nature, JOV sources their materials from across the world, carefully selecting from the most eco-friendly suppliers. Each rug is handcrafted using the finest raw materials such as pure New Zealand wool, natural silk, Belgian linen, mohair and cotton.

With beautiful natural textures, refined patterns and sophisticated shades, each JOV rug is made to last and be loved for generations.

Available Colours