Nuragic Black Tapestry

Designed by Roberto Sironi in collaboration with Pretziada and Mariantonia Urru, the Nuragic tapestry draws inspiration from aerial views of migration and architecture of native Sardinian tribes. The name ‘Nuragic’ comes from the ‘Nuraghe’, ancient megalithic stone structures found all over the island of Sardinia and built between 1900 and 730 B.C. The tapestry overlap bird’s-eye views of these structures in various scales, as well as proposing an interpretation of trade routes through the mountainous terrains. The different weaving techniques and materials used complements the juxtaposition of the various worlds. Hand-woven by artisan weaving workshop Mariantonia Urru, the Nuragic tapestry features hand-embroidered phrases from the mysterious Nuragic language and is finished with a hand-knotted fringe.


Pure Sardinian wool and silk embroidery.
Hand-applied Sardinian wool & cotton fringe.


Grey, Black, Brown


110 x 178 cm

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About the designers


Pretziada is a creative practice, based on the island of Sardinia, that promotes the heritage of a territory through words, photography and a collection of design objects made with local artisans.

Kyre Chenven, a native Californian, and Ivano Atzori, Milanese by birth, moved to the southwest corner of Sardinia four years ago to begin working with artisans on resuscitating local craft. Kyre worked for years as a set designer in New York, while Ivano comes from the world of graffiti and contemporary art.

Together they work symbiotically as cultural translators: writing and photographing the particularities of the island, reproposing new designs of classic pieces, producing original designs of international creatives and assisting the artisans to shape their future trajectory. Research and narration are at the heart of their practice.

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