Part of the Tinto in Pecora collection and designed by Anna Galtarossa for Mariantonia Urru, Minerale draws inspiration from our geological roots, emulating the appearance of a rock. Galtarossa states that “rocks speak the language of time, while nature’s language is geometry. However, humans exist amidst chaos and strive to overcome it, using our means to reorganize it.”

Tinto in Pecora comprises seven iconic designs created solely using colours extracted from natural wool sourced from Sardinian sheep. The collection encompasses a spectrum of seven shades, ranging from Ecru to Deep Brown, achieved by blending varying amounts of wool from both white and black sheep. All colours in this collection are derived without any chemical intervention, showcasing Mariantonia Urru’s commitment to natural and sustainable practices.


Pure new Sardinian wool.


200 x 300 cm
Standard and custom sizes available.


Please enquire based on your required size.

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