MANTA is a beautiful hand-woven throw blanket produced in Columbia, made from pure new wool on horizontal looms according to traditional craft techniques. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, MANTA exhibits a loose, thinly lined check pattern and contrasting hand-finished edges. The wool is naturally dyed with plants and seeds, and each warp and weft is manually interlaced.


Pure new wool.


120 x 200 cm

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About the designer

Sebastian Herkner

Alongside Ames’ Managing Director, Ana Maria Calderòn Kayser, Sebastian travelled through Colombia in 2015 exploring the local landscape, communities, and historic landmarks. With a deepened understanding of the country’s people and background he created the Nobsa and Nudo designs, collaborating with local weaving workshops to produce the rugs in the land which inspired them.

Sebastian’s designs take inspiration from the heart of Colombian culture, history, and life. Holding true to the traditional techniques of Colombian culture, both of these designs were manufactured in small workshops in Colombia using time-honoured weaving traditions.

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