City Wellington 1343 / 1003

Based in Bavaria, our German maker has been crafting rugs by hand since 1840. From the process of shearing until the finished piece, full quality control ensures we obtain the best raw materials and that the rugs are woven to the highest standard. Using pure new wool from New Zealand, they strive to refine the crafting process to make the lowest environmental impact possible. The result is a meticulously made, textural rug that’s hardwearing and easy to care for.


Felted pure New Zealand wool. This rug is reversible


Featured colour: CIT WEL 1343 + CIT WEL 1003
This rug is also available in a single colour.
22 colours available.

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Custom made to size.


Please enquire based on your required size.

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Available Colours

Cit Wel 1088

Cit Wel 1168

Cit Wel 1038

Cit Wel 1338

Cit Wel 1332

Cit Wel 1003

Cit Wel 1100

Cit Wel 1102

Cit Wel 1104

Cit Wel 1162

Cit Wel 1124

Cit Wel 1127

Cit Wel 1120

Cit Wel 1022

Cit Wel 1060

Cit Wel 1111

Cit Wel 1112

Cit Wel 1099

Cit Wel 1153

Cit Wel 1350

Cit Wel 1343

Cit Wel 1040