Balcones Purple Brown

The Balcones collection designed by Sebastián Jaureguí Calderon is a range from Ames that boasts a blend of pastel and rich hues that seamlessly merge into a striped pattern. Through a meticulous weaving technique, skilled artisans intertwine fibres of different shades, transforming them into vibrant yarns. This intricate process spans eight days and results in rugs with colour gradients, inspired by the sunsets witnessed by Sebastián during his trip to Finlandia. The Balcones collection stands out with its striking contrasts and impactful presence, embodying Ames’ unique style of infusing warmth and liveliness into each piece. These patterns pay homage to the European colonial architectural heritage, echoing the influences and traditional motifs found on the door frames of balconies in historic cities like Bogota and Cartagena.



100 % Virgin Wool


Small 170 x 240 cm
Large 200 x 300 cm


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About the designer

Sebastian Jauregui Calderon

Originally from Colombia, Sebastian Jauregui Calderon is an artist and designer currently based in Cologne, Germany. Having pursued studies in Creative Arts, he further honed his skills and knowledge at the Royal College of London, earning a Master of Arts degree in 2019.

Sebastian’s artistic exploration delves into the ever-blurring boundaries between our digital and analog existence, as he creates abstract artworks that eloquently depict these juxtaposed and intricate identities. Through the Balcones rugs designed for ames, Sebastian seamlessly translates his artistic aesthetic from canvas to loom, channelling his nostalgic connection to Colombia into a captivating new art form.

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