Designed by Amadi, Riverbed is part of the Congo collection, inspired by traditional African Mbuti barkcloth paintings. Each design features moving compositions, once traditionally hand-painted, mimicking the imagery of the rainforest, its lush vegetation and its sounds and motions. Each piece reveals familiar shapes, referring to paths, animals, flowers, singing birds, humming insects, and the chanting sounds of the Mbuti music.  Natural fibres in warm, earthy tones woven in different textures add to the organic feel of these paintings and truly enhance the inspiration behind this distinctive collection.


Pure wool from the highlands of Afghanistan.


Brown | Cream


315 x 421 cm
Custom sizes also available.

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About the designers

The Ahmadi Brothers

The Ahmadi brothers were forced to leave Afghanistan in 1984 as refugees of The Soviet War, ultimately emigrating to the United States. Despite their newfound life in the United States, the family have committed to empowering women in Afghanistan.

Following Afghanistan’s liberation from the Taliban in 2003, the Ahmadi brothers returned to Kabul to establish their workshop, starting with just twenty local women. 15 years later, they currently employ 120 women and have seen the positive impact their recruitment has made. Turning to traditional fabrics, cloths and mats, their range explores modern interpretations of these designs while also approaching each collection with ethnographic sensibility.

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