Banlieue Clamart

From Reuber Henning’s “As-Simple-As” collection, Banlieue Clamart is a study in simplicity. The monochromatic design, consisting of only one gestural brush stroke, is very subtly highlighted by the sheen of pure silk. An understated yet sophisticated design that brings out the natural beauty of hand-spun, hand-dyed Tibetan wool in a rich jewel tone.


Tibetan wool and silk.


Standard and custom sizes available.

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About the designers

Founded in Germany in 2007, Reuber Henning exemplifies hand-made design, in both form and philosophy. They know that a beautiful rug forms the heart of a room, and creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere essential to every home. Committed to understated artisanship – their rugs are made in Nepal by ancient techniques – Reuber Henning balances this approach with designs that are classic contemporary, capturing the spirit of the times. In fair working conditions local craftspeople use high-quality Chinese silk and Tibetan highland wool, working completely by hand at every stage of the process to ensure longevity of their product.

Available Colours