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Halcyon Lake is a specialist purveyor of rugs and carpets selected for the level of craftsmanship, individual character, lasting style and the finest materials.


Can I make a rug to the size I need?
Yes! Most of our rugs can be made to any custom size and are priced per square meter- there is no surcharge for a custom size piece and you only pay for the quality of rug you need. The widths of our custom made rugs do vary as this is dependent on the style of loom required to make each style of rug. If there are any one off rugs in stock but not in the size you require, we might be able source something similar in your ideal size.

How long do they take to be made?
It varies depending on the style of rug. Most of our hand woven textures are approx 8 to 10 weeks from order- during this time our European mills make the quantity of felted yarn required to the specific colour you have ordered, weave the rug by hand, check each piece as part of their rigorous quality control and then we air freight the rug in with many customs checks along the way.

What do you mean this rug is reversible?
The majority of our European textured rugs are hand woven in a way which means they are identical on the front and back of the rug. A reversible rug allows you to use both sides of the rug which will even out the wear in even the most high traffic areas to ensure a longer life for your rug. The added bonus is each time you flip the rug, it does a self cleaning process where any fine dirt and dust that your weekly vacuum does not remove will naturally massage out of the rug with use on the reverse side- perfect for keeping light coloured rugs nice and bright!

Can I have a sample?
Yes! We are more than happy to loan you a sample to ensure the colour and style is the perfect rug or carpet for your home. Please note that we don’t have every single weave in each colour but we can generally provide you with your desired colour in a similar weave.
For one of a kind rugs, we generally don’t have samples but if you are located in Melbourne you are more than welcome to try the full sized rugs at home.

How can I clean my rug?
We recommend that you vacuum your rug once a week using a smooth head without any brushes or beaters. If your rug is reversible, flip and rotate the rug every 6 months (or more frequently you are noticing any signs of wear) and for single sided rug, simply rotate every 6 months. For liquid or more viscous spills, use a clean cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible and then use some clean slightly warm water to further clean the spill. Never rub any spills or stains as this will only push it further into the rug. A mild wool mix solution diluted with water can be used on more difficult stains. Based on the composition of your rug, the more detailed cleaning instructions vary and we will provide you with care instructions with your order.

What’s the benefit of your carpet?
We offer an extensive range of unique textural carpets with a similar aesthetic to our rugs which is unlike anything else available on the local market. Our European made carpet is available in rolls starting from 400cm wide and can come in sizes up to 620cm wide in some collections. This allows for seamless installation in most rooms which results in the best appearance and wear over time. The majority of our carpets are made from the best Pure New Zealand wool which is both soft and durable.
We install our carpet Australia wide on a premium rubber underlay for comfort and longevity.

Terms & Conditions

Halcyon Lake will provide a 2-year warranty on all domestic rugs and a 1-year warranty on all commercial rug applications from the date of original purchase against faulty materials or workmanship provided that the area rug is maintained correctly. Our rugs will retain quality appearance for years if maintained correctly.
Halcyon Lake will provide a 5-year warranty domestic carpet installations and a 2-year warranty on all commercial carpet applications from the date of originally delivered and installed by our contracted carpet installers against faulty materials or workmanship provided that the carpet is maintained correctly.

This warranty will not apply where the rug has been water damaged, animal damage, steam cleaned excessively or altered by others. This warranty does not cover tears, burns, pulled loops, cuts, shedding or improper cleaning agents or methods.

Payment terms
All Halcyon Lake orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit to proceed with the order. No product will be ordered until the deposit is paid and Halcyon Lake will not be held responsible for project delays due to late payment.

The balance payment is required prior to delivery / collection of any rug order. For carpet installation, balance payment is required within 10 business days of completion of the installation. Depending on the size of the project, Halcyon lake reserves the right to part-invoice for the goods or services prior to completion.

By confirming an order by deposit, the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

Lead times
Halcyon Lake endeavors to provide the most accurate lead times at time of order. Note these do not include factory holiday shutdowns / industrial action / public holidays / causes that are reasonably beyond our control.

* Hand woven and hand tufted rugs take approx 8 weeks from deposit
* Hand knotted rugs take approx 16-20 weeks from deposit
* Wall to wall carpet takes approx 12-14 weeks from deposit

Please allow an addition 4-8 weeks for custom colour development.

Size tolerances
For all hand made rugs, the size tolerance can vary either +/- approx 2% for width and 4% for length.

If you have a specific minimum or maximum size your rug must be, please advise us and we can communicate this with our mills for production.

We offer an extensive range of custom colours rugs and carpets and are happy to work with you to supply custom colour-ways as requested. We will make sample pieces for approval and once the order is confirmed, return these samples to the manufacture for colour matching during production.

Custom carpet samples can take up to 4 weeks for production and delivery while hand knotted / woven rug samples can take up to 8 weeks.

Please note our standard colour tolerance is 1.5% of the original sample or 3% if the rug or carpet is made using a heathered yarn.

We do not recommend confirming an order based on an image of the rug colour only as images and monitor colour vary greatly. The physical sample must be approval and colour numbers confirmed against both the sample and invoice or quote. By paying the deposit you are committing to the colour as detailed on your invoice or quote.

Shading or “water-marking” is a natural occurrence in rugs and carpets with a pile. This is not a fault with the product or any grounds for complaint.

Carpet Installation
We are happy to quote your carpet installation based on your requirements but require an onsite check measure before an order can proceed. This check measure will decide the best method of installation, confirm any join locations and may result in additional carpet supply at an increased cost.

We require 3 weeks notice to book in the carpet installation on your required date and expect that installation will be carried our during normal business hours with a worksite free of other trades. The floors are to be clean, smooth and level and in a suitable condition for the specified floor covering to be installed. If the floors do not meet our installers requirements, the project will be rescheduled and a daily cancellation fee will be charged.

Halcyon Lake is happy to warehouse any rugs or carpet on order for 6months from their arrival date as a complimentary service. After this time, a small storage fee will be charge for this service which is calculated based on a percentage of the goods value.


We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information.

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